Connect to mysql remotely

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Connect to mysql remotely

Postby mrapache » 01. June 2017 06:43

I have two VM's running inside an ESXI host machine

IP runs Win 2016 server with XAMPP just fine.
IP runs CentOS with LAMP and that runs fine.

When I want to connect remotely thru cli to a mysql db to .10 from .11 that works fine.
However when I try to do the reverse which is what I want namely to remotely connect to a .10 mysql db
from .11 I cannot connect.

Port forwarding is allowed for 3306 for the .11 address.

I have no bind-address set for .11in my.cnf file as that didn't work, nor for like localhost, or

Any help would be most appreciated!!!
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Re: Connect to mysql remotely

Postby JJ_Tagy » 02. June 2017 00:32

I'm thinking Server 2016 might have firewall. How does it not connect? Error message? Log?
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