A Problem With 2017 XAMPP.

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A Problem With 2017 XAMPP.

Postby OzWaz » 21. May 2017 08:33

Six weeks ago my XAMPP system stopped working - for no apparent reason.

After doing a lot of research on the net the best fix suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall because as I was running a 2014 version many contributors said that it could be having problems with the new PHP.

After I reinstalled the latest version (6 weeks ago) it has been operating flawlessly and of course naturally enough I thought aha! That was the problem.

Today (21-5-2017) for no obvious or apparent reason again XAMPP just stopped working. Just like last time.

I have made absolutely no changes to any part of any system (computer or Xampp-no new software - no malicious attacks no anthything that i know of) that has anything to do with the operation of either of them.-- It just won’t work.

Do I uninstalled and reinstalled and do this every time it stop is that the best fix? or is there any guidance or advice on the more contemporaneous solution
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Re: A Problem With 2017 XAMPP.

Postby Nobbie » 21. May 2017 09:41

Many words, nothing said. Without any error messages and without any description what "stopped working" means, definately nobody will give you the slightest hint.
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