Remote Connecting?

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Remote Connecting?

Postby N1warhead » 01. May 2017 20:29

Hey guys, I'm new to Xampp, I've been searching for two days now and either things just don't exist anymore such as "<LocationMatch" or things just don't work at all and give errors.

I'm just trying to be able to remotely connect to my Xampp Server, so far I've tried

Port Forwarding to 80, 433, 3306, works - locally.
I've likewise changed all the ports to different things because I know some ISP's like to block port 80 and such.

I've tried changing the hosts file in System32

I've made sure to edit the httpd.conf files, etc.

I've made my local ip static so I know it didn't change.

I've made sure that localhost in httpd:conf was listening to the proper ports.

I've tried re-installing 6 times already, (this is a fresh clean windows 10 install).

But nothing I do, will allow me to connect remotely.

I even checked and it's not even detecting any of the being active, etc.

I've tried changing the IP to both my local static IP and Public IP + the port 80 (Or any new ports I Chose).

I even enabled DMZ, still - to no avail - not working.

Is there like something I'm just clearly missing?
Sorry I just wanted to make sure I was as descriptive as possible so it relates into not as many questions.

So the end result from remote connecting is
"This site can't be reached" The Webpage at <MyPublicIp> might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new webaddress. ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED"

Thank's guys/gals,
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