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Postby Xabi » 30. April 2017 18:33

Hi,I am developing a web site,after making some changes in one of the html documents of it I copied it to the website folder of the site in the htdocs folder of XAMPP,visiting the website with chrome I saw that my changes didnt appear I clicked view source code and the document was different from the one in htdocs folder.it was a very old version of it.I uninstalled xampp to clear all the information that it had deleting the content o the htdos folder.then I installed again but before pplacing the website in the htdocsfolder I runned XAMPP and visited the website without the website in the htdocsfolder.for my suprise when I visited the website with chrome the same version of the website appeared, even when there is nothing in the htdocs folder,where is saving XAMPP :shock: that information?and how can I do to load the new versions of the files of the website?
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Re: XAMPP Cache

Postby Altrea » 30. April 2017 20:10

XAMPP don't cache anything, it is your browser.
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