Error trying to start shell

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Error trying to start shell

Postby NorthLake » 26. April 2017 12:38

I'm still fairly new to setting up servers and stuff, so i don't think I'll use the function any time soon anyway. Still, it bothers me experiencing this error. Everytime I click on the Shell button in the control panel it comes up with an error:

cmd.exe - Process error
Could not start process correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the process.

At least it's something along those lines (I have the Dutch version of Windows, so I had to translate it). Is this something that more people have experienced? Is it fixable?
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby cmindyke » 27. April 2017 02:06

I am receiving the same error. new pc out of the box. is it possible there is some kind of issue with this recent version?
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby Altrea » 27. April 2017 08:05

Which XAMPP version are you using exactly? 3.2.2 is not the xampp version number.
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby sinfuljosh » 29. April 2017 11:17

Having the same issue. Fresh install of XAMPP 7.0.15

using the exe installer

Windows Event Viewer only shows the alert window showing the same information mentioned above.

I've found that it will work and the shell will open about 1 out of 10 attempts.
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby faospark » 30. April 2017 02:04

try running setup_xampp.bat
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby VD17593 » 29. June 2017 17:20

Have the same problem.
All worked fine till a few weeks ago :didn't change Xampp (version 5.5.37).

I've the impression that Win10 (build 1703) could be the cause.
Found that when I open internet conncetion, the shell has a bigger chance to start.

Someone found a reason yet?
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Re: Error trying to start shell

Postby Neusbeer » 09. July 2017 19:58

I had same problem. New install on Windows 10.

Quick Fix:
set compatibility of xamp-control file to Windows 8.
and run as administrator

0xc0000142 has something to do with dll code-signing
Other option would be to run regedit.
find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
set LoadAppInit_DLLs to 0
(untested by me because first option worked for me right away)
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