why tomcat can't running

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why tomcat can't running

Postby root96 » 19. April 2017 17:44

12:15:24 AM [Tomcat] Attempting to start Tomcat app...
12:31:39 AM [main] Executing "c:\xampp\tomcat\logs"
12:49:06 AM [Tomcat] Tomcat Started/Stopped with errors, return code: -1073741510
12:49:06 AM [Tomcat] Make sure you have Java JDK or JRE installed and the required ports are free
12:49:06 AM [Tomcat] Check the "/xampp/tomcat/logs" folder for more information

WHAT SHOULD I DO IN "/xampp/tomcat/logs" FOLDER ?
anyone please help me,i need tomcat to running so that i can run the web application program
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