stop IP to Localhost

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stop IP to Localhost

Postby Adelaide-Zumba » 12. April 2017 17:28

Hi all!

I am new here and happy to join your comunity :)
I am new and very n00b on network matters, so I hope you will be kind and patient with me...

I make a wordpress site on my local computer with Xampp.
It's a great success, works well on local. 8)

As it is a website for testing, I would like to access it from outside, so that people (from forums like this one) can help or tell me what they think about it.

I made a VPN
I opened ports 80 and 443 of my windows firewall.

Now I am on a distant computer (mac)
I installed a VPN client, and runned it.
It works well, when I type my PC's local IP, I get XAMPP splashscreen /dashboard/
if I click "PHP-Info, I get all the details of my version and website.
If I click "phpMyAdmin" I get this message :
Forbidden Access (it's in french because I am french, so I don't know the exact translation of it in English) it's an error 403

question1 : how can I get rid of this message? what should I write in the file httpd-xampp.conf ?
I found some infos on the web, that are asking to put a range of IP : which ones should I put?? It looks like very advanced texts so I am very lost.

question2 : when I try to access http://MY.LOCAL.IP/mywordpress/
it keeps changing it in "http://localhost/mywordpress/ and then is rejecting me saying that the connexion failed

what should I do ?

thank you for reading me, I hope you can help me or show me a link where I can find a solution.
Before posting I tried a few more searches on this forum but it keeps telling me "Sorry but you cannot use search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." for quite some time now :|
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