MYSQL crashes and corrupts "ibdata1" every 10-15min

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MYSQL crashes and corrupts "ibdata1" every 10-15min

Postby markusderio » 08. April 2017 14:44


So i literally reinstalled my windows over this thinking i have some registery issue bugging mySQL/appache services.

The problem is a pretty common one as it seems (Corrupt ibdata1),
The solution also straight forward (delete corrupted file),
The cause that i found was related to not running xampp as administrator (easy fix, always run as admin)

So i thought...

It still crashes and still corrupts the file and can't do any work without losing it every 15min at random. it never happen to me before and must admit i have not use Xampp in a while but that makes my going back to it such a pain.

No log seems to record the crash, no Ports are in use, everything works fine.... until it crashes!@#$


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