Problem with installation package on virtual hosts

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Problem with installation package on virtual hosts

Postby maciejnewb » 04. April 2017 20:00

Hello Guys,

actually, I`m new in information technology, thus my question may be silly... but i cant solve it on my own. I have download XAMPP package from official website and I dont have a proper application to open it. The suggested option is "Open with", and i have some apps like "Notepad" or "Internet Explorer" suggested. When I have download package on my 2 host computers, there is no problem - I have "xampp-win32-5.6.30-0-VC11-installer" file and type is "Application (.exe)". When I try to download on guest virtual machines - i have "xampp-win32-5.6.30-0-VC11-installer" with type "30-0-VC11INSTALLER". I use Hyper-V. Prior, I succedd with installing different types of application (Notepad++ for example). MSIExec is avaible, service WindowsInstaller started - if these mean.

Thank you in advantage and sorry for my english
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