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[Solved?] phpMyAdmin - Failed to generate random CSRF token

PostPosted: 26. March 2017 18:41
by 2001zhaozhao
Hello, I have just installed xampp on my pc today.
It's a mac mini 2012 running windows server 2016. I'm using xampp v3.2.2.
When I open phpMyAdmin, I get a red box saying "phpMyAdmin - Error" and "Failed to generate random CSRF token!"

I have installed Apache, PHP, MySQL and McMyAdmin individually first. It worked fine at first, but when I tried to import a database from elsewhere, McMyAdmin timed out, then this error began to show whenever I access any McMyAdmin pages.
Then I uninstalled all of these individual softwares and installed xampp in hopes that it would fix the problem. But it is still occurring. What do I do?

Re: [Solved?] phpMyAdmin - Failed to generate random CSRF to

PostPosted: 26. March 2017 18:54
by 2001zhaozhao
It works now somehow. I don't know how it fixed itself, but it did... Will write back if this happens again.