why not to add asp support 4 xampp ?

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why not to add asp support 4 xampp ?

Postby pseudomenace » 20. September 2004 21:08

hi !

i'm a webdeveloper ! from algeria !
i use since 6 months xampp, i find this server kit really performant !

the problem for me is that i'am a multiserver scripts developer : php, asp, asp.net !

so it will be great that you try to add asp support for xampp (it will be better that you do it yourself : xampp developers !) then we use some other scripts like : chiliasp (sun), iasp or perl_asp (www.apache-asp.org)

you have to do it cause this don't let us using iis for this developing !

have nice asp dreams !
the other side of freedom !
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Postby Bierchen » 20. September 2004 23:33


i think you will have asp support with mod_perl.

modperlasp <- i didn't test it, but it sounds like it will work
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