Xampp with SSL certificate to make Google Chrome happy

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Xampp with SSL certificate to make Google Chrome happy

Postby rpnoble » 27. February 2017 00:42

I have an application that runs under XAMPP for Windows. We travel to events around the United States each week. We are provided a Vlan at each venue we work at or we run a dirty-net with static ips to make a private network. Each week is a different venue and network. We are not allowed to use the "Live" internet to connect to our main web server. Xampp is our base software since it provides us a simple to install package when we work with rental computers.

Google chrome now warns my application is not secure and blocks my scripts from working. I have an SSL certificate for my main web server, but I can't use that on my local server (rented each week) that travels from event to event. How do I get an SSL certificate when my server is new each week and my IP's are different each week? Can I use the Trusted Sites to bypass the Google Chrome warnings?
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Re: Xampp with SSL certificate to make Google Chrome happy

Postby Nobbie » 27. February 2017 12:45

1) Obiously, you are totally wrong here, as this is NOT a Xampp issuse. You are looking for a solution for your "infrastructure", i.e. you would like have kind of "dynamic" SSL Certificate.

2) Anyway: i wonder that you use SSL in relation to IPs. Usually SSLs are related to Servernames. And that would already solve the problem, assign a unique name to your Xampp Server and get you a valid SSL Certficate. Later on, either setup your own DNS server (locally), or simply insert a proper line into all hosts files of all clients, which needs to communicate with your Xampp Server. Last not least, if your Xampp Server gets part of a Windows network, usually Windows already resolves the Servername automatically (also for the other clients of the network). Sometimes also the Router comes with built-in DNS. Lets say, you call your PC "MyXAMPPServer", simply enter http://MyXAMPPServer in a browser, Windows automatically resolves to your Xampp PC, if the browser is running on a client of the same network.

3) If you REALLY need to use IPs (instead of Servernames) and the problem REALLY is the fact, that these IPs are rendered dynamically, simply bring in your own Router/AccessPoint with a pre-configured WLAN and assign a fixed IP to your Xampp PC. All other clients simply have to login on your own WLAN. A mini router like a TP-Link TL-WR710N (starting at 20$ or similar, not larger than a matchbox) should already be sufficient.
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