I can't add a new user in phpmyadmin

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I can't add a new user in phpmyadmin

Postby piggio » 13. February 2017 10:47

I'm tryng to ad a new account in phpmyadmin with all priviledges in xampp,

the error output is
SHOW PLUGINS SONAME LIKE '%_password_check%'
impossible to read directory of xampp mysql\lib\plugin (erno: 2 "no such file or directory")

I post you also the page error in the link

I'm using xampp 3.2.2 both apache and mysql are in greeen and with the X in the control panel,
I've tryed to install xammp in my local system c\ and after in another drive, and I had the same error..
Do you know how can i fix this error?
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XAMPP version: 3.2.2
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