Clutter after Installation

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Clutter after Installation

Postby phantomitch » 30. January 2017 02:34

Hello Everyone,
After installation of XAMPP (I installed it in C:) there is a clutter
of installation files (VC related) in drive E: (the other half of the partition)
this is where I kept my project files.

I just want to confirm if I can delete those files in E: drive.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Clutter after Installation

Postby Nobbie » 30. January 2017 12:03

Never seen or heard about that, Xampp does not "clutter" files on E: drive? I even dont know any reason for such a behaviour (do you have set TMP or TEMP environment variable to point to E: or similar?). Actually, i have never seen any "leftovers" after a successully Xampp installation. You also could install from a ZIP package (there are packages on Sourceforge) by simply unpacking, the installer does not do much more (it only provides a GUI).
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Re: Clutter after Installation

Postby Altrea » 30. January 2017 13:02

Microsoft Visual C++ is known for putting it's installation files on the root directory.
You can delete this files.
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