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Postby galloway » 15. January 2017 22:42

installed Xampp, run MySQL and nothing else, using the Shell(terminal)... my CMD prompt entry:

MariaDB [(none)] CREATE DATABASE bookoo;
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'bookoo'
MariaDB [(none)]>


I added a db before with GRANT ALL ON(to myself) and now instead of being able to SHOW or DESCRIBE I am getting the above error codes...Even when I try:
c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql -u -p
Enter password: *********
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user @'localhost' (using password: YES)

Why? Would be because of how I created my user and localhost wrong? Used 'joe'@'HELLO' ... without the 'localhost'. Did this mess up access to the software? Your help would me much appreciated.
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Postby Altrea » 16. January 2017 02:04

Use a valid username in your mysql login command. In your case you are logged in as anonymous user.
The user needs to have CREATE permissions for this database.
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