Newbie needs help

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Newbie needs help

Postby qqqq » 05. January 2017 10:30

I've got two questions.
I'm hosting a Mediawiki server on my windows 10 pc with XAMPP. If I use localhost It brings me to the localhost/dashboard. Is there a way to change it so It instantly bringes me to my mediawiki page?

If other people acces my site on their computers (with ip example: they get on this site , only when they want to go to another page from the dashboard the Url changes from to localhost/index/etc/etc/etc and then It gives an error that the site doesn't exist. But when I manualy change localhost to my ip adres it will find the page again. Is there a way to fix this?
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Re: Newbie needs help

Postby JJ_Tagy » 05. January 2017 11:57

Check out the file /xampp/htdocs/index.php
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Re: Newbie needs help

Postby mus72 » 08. February 2017 14:45

For me the easiest way is to use domain name,if u need more info just pm me.
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