Object not found!

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Object not found!

Postby rmadeiraneto » 04. January 2017 19:59

I'm trying to reach this URL "http://localhost/teste/carrinho.php", the path is correct, but still having this error "Object not found!". The file "carrinho.php" is at "D:\Programas\XAMPP\htdocs\teste" and XAMPP installation directory is "D:\Programas\XAMPP\". I can reach the other files in the same directory, but not that file. I'm typing that right, I tried to reboot the PC and Apache server but I always have this error.
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Re: Object not found!

Postby Altrea » 04. January 2017 20:28

The by far most common issue is activated hide known file extensions in your windows explorer.
So please double check that the file is really named carrinho.php and does not have a hidden file extension like carrinho.php.txt
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