XAMPP Shell Commands

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XAMPP Shell Commands

Postby GM Spooky Tides » 17. December 2016 02:22

This topic will be able XAMPP Shell Commands written in the shell prompt of XAMPP.
It is a huge part of learning as a programmer and is part of the first basic steps of
how to use XAMPP Shell Commands. XAMPP Shell works similar to other shells such
as Borne (sh), Borne Again Shell (bash), C-Shell, (csh) Korn Shell (ksh), and extra.

The purpose of this thread is to help others learn how XAMPP Shell Commands work
and the process to use them in shell environment. This process can also relate to
create files, directories, user names/passwords, or adding permissions for the Web

Step #1 - XAMPP Control Panel (Shell) & XAMPP CONTROL PROMPT
Below is an example of how to get into the XAMPP SHELL PROMPT this will be used
to write commands, files, directories, or codes. As a beginner we must learn the
basics before we step into file/directory permissions.

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