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Postby davidmorley » 11. November 2016 18:07

I'm new to this so sorry if ...

Installing XAMPP, the control panel eventually said that Port 80 was in use by "unable to to open process" with PID4. I don't know how to unblock this port. Alternatively, I don't know how to induce XAMPP to use another port. I clicked the "config" button and then the "service and ports" button which referred me to config files. But I don't know my way round well enough.

I bet there is an FAQ dealing with this somewhere on the forum, but I can't find that either ! (bumbling twerp :cry: )
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Postby tm01 » 11. November 2016 20:17

Hi David,
you need to allow apache to use port 80 in your firewall settings and disable IIS if its running.

Good luck

Edit: look at the first post in this board: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=69784
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