Unable to connect to virtual host

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Unable to connect to virtual host

Postby Ulfasaar » 10. November 2016 21:39

I am new to using apache and have tried to set it up on my laptop so that I can test my client's website on it instead of altering the online version of it.

My problem is that I am also running IIS on the same machine because I also work part time as a web developer at a company called blackball software.
Which means that the majority of the sites on my laptop are being hosted using IIS so I don't want to change any of it's settings if at all possible.

I have already altered the ports hat apache is using for poth http and ssl however the webpage always shows error refused to connect.

I have already added its domain as a virtual host and have added it to the hosts file on my computer as well.

On a side note it appears to display the dashboard as soon as I change the listening port to 80 however then iis stops working as well.

The ports I have attempted to set the server to use are 81 for http and 8013 for ssl.

Also I would like to avoid editing the .htacess file in the websites root folder because that was placed there by my clients website host and I don't want to compromise the security of their site
in the event that I forget to remove the changes I had to make to allow it to run locally.

Thank you all very much for your time
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Re: Unable to connect to virtual host

Postby tm01 » 11. November 2016 15:46

Sorry, but i don't get your problem.
You can run iis and apache on different ports (like you did) or just be sure they aren't running at the same time.
So you try to point apache and iis to the very same website directory?

A .htaccess file can be very powerful - but i don't think someone can help you if its working for apache as well, as long nobody sees it.
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