Running another MySQL server from XAMPP control panel

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Running another MySQL server from XAMPP control panel

Postby saidbakr » 20. October 2016 11:56

I have XAMPP of control panel version 3.2.2, PHP 5.6.15 and MariaDB 10.1.9. Due to a bug in MariaDB, I had to install new independent version of MariaDB 10.1.18 @ C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.1, and I have change environment path from C:\xampp\mysql\bin to C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.1\bin.

Now, I only able to run the new database server from services only. I want to be able running it from XAMPP control panel. i.e clicking on the MySQL start button should run it.

Is there any XAMPP configuration file in which I could able to change the path to MySQL? I have tried with xampp_shell.bat and xampp-control.ini but I could not able to get the required result.
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