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Postby irsaad.nazir » 14. October 2016 12:58

Hey guys,
so i have been sitting with a question now for a long time,,

i made a website in xammp and now i have placed it on the server 2008 r2,
i want to acces my website on the server with my client computers (intranet)
but i dont know how to configure it..

When i type the server ip/wordpress/index.php
i get the website on the client but i only see text and nothing more (not the complete website)

can anyone help??

I want to host the website locally not on the internet...
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Re: website

Postby Nobbie » 14. October 2016 14:25

When you want to access WordPress from different Computers than localhost, you MUST NOT specify "localhost" as Servername on WordPress installation (but you did), instead apply the IP of the Server. Otherwise all links to CSS sheets, pictures etc. yield to "localhost", which does not work correctly for remote Clients (therefore no attributes and grafics are shown).

Either re-install WordPress again, or find the setup for the Servername (i.e. in wp-config.php and/or in the MySQL Database, if in doubt ask in a WordPress forum). Anyway, this is a pure WordPress issue, not a Xampp issue.
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