MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.

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MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.

Postby Imranio » 20. September 2016 17:10

I have been using Xampp for a few months with no problems but today MySql crashes a few seconds after starting. The error log shows the following:

2016-09-20 10:43:51 7592 [Note] Recovering after a crash using tc.log
2016-09-20 10:43:51 7592 [ERROR] Bad magic header in tc log
2016-09-20 10:43:51 7592 [ERROR] Crash recovery failed. Either correct the problem (if it's, for example, out of memory error) and restart, or delete tc log and start mysqld with --tc-heuristic-recover={commit|rollback}
2016-09-20 10:43:51 7592 [ERROR] Can't init tc log
2016-09-20 10:43:51 7592 [ERROR] Aborting

There doesn't appear to be any port conflicts. Windows 10 did a system update yesterday so I am wondering if that could have caused the problem. Any assistance with how to get things up and running again would be appreciated.
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