php 5.6.25 upgrade xamp with php 5.6.24

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php 5.6.25 upgrade xamp with php 5.6.24

Postby quadpr5 » 07. September 2016 15:15

Hi guys,

as above I have an xamp 5.6.24 installation with php 5.6.24 and need to update the php to version 5.6.25. the software uses Apache/MySQL and php. however the php 5.6.24 has failed a network security test.

Is this possible and or straight forward?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: php 5.6.25 upgrade xamp with php 5.6.24

Postby Nobbie » 07. September 2016 20:12

quadpr5 wrote: however the php 5.6.24 has failed a network security test

If i were you, i would forget about that useless test and use the working Xampp installation. Xampp is meant for development anyway, this does not require any security. Xampp is not meant to be updated in single components, if you think you need a newer PHP, either dont use Xampp or wait for a newer release.

Just my two cents about "security" and Xampp.
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Re: php 5.6.25 upgrade xamp with php 5.6.24

Postby Altrea » 07. September 2016 21:43


IT security assessments does have one big problem:
issues, alerts, security issues, warnings, notices, etc... everything these security scripts will output needs to be set in the right context by an experienced IT professional.
Not every security issue is really an issue for every use case of the machine or program.

Short: XAMPP does not support upgrading any of the core components by its own. Upgrading php does always mean switching to a different XAMPP version.
But if you or your company is so aware about IT security, why don't you install and configure all single components on your own? That way you have full control and can upgrade any single component.

best wishes,
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