Installing xampp on windows 7 64bit pc

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Installing xampp on windows 7 64bit pc

Postby Ken Lion » 06. September 2016 12:07

Apologies in advance if this is a seriously dumb question but I'm using windows 7 64bit and have a quandary before installing xampp:

I know that Windows7 64bit uses 2 separate program directories, i.e.
"Program Files" - for 64bit software and
"Program Files (x86)" - for 32bit software
The 32bit software in 'x86' can, and does, run happily on my 64bit system.

But, if I understand correctly, installing xampp via the zip file 'installs' xampp to a "folder of my choice" - and presumably not to either of the program folders.
Will this cause any issues with a 64bit system? Or can I simply choose the x86 directory?

The alternative seems to be installing via the "Installer" but does this route install xampp on the 32bit - "Program Files (x86) - directory or on the 'normal' "Program Files" directory for 64bit? And if it goes into the 'normal' directory for 64bit, will that cause any problems?

I see from another thread that I could get 64bit binaries via Apache Lounge (thank you buggy82) but I'd prefer to stick with the primary download sources on the Apache friends site if possible.
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Re: Installing xampp on windows 7 64bit pc

Postby Altrea » 07. September 2016 21:32


Don't (and by don't i mean never) install xampp in the Program Files or program Files (x86) folder.
Reason: Not only the Windows UAC can cause trouble here. Apache, PHP and most of their Modules are primary developed on *nix like systems. *nix does not allow any whitespaces or special chars in folders and files.

Recommend is an installation path directly in root of c, so the Installer for example will install XAMPP in c:\xampp.

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