Not accessing mysql database.

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Not accessing mysql database.

Postby raju » 06. September 2016 07:24

I changed port 80 to 81 in both files(xampp.ini and httpd.conf).i am accessing php documents from localhost and working php.but,actually the problem is when i run and submit forms when i am on the process to validate the details. in php documents in url,it's showing nothing,just its loading on the same page.i think,it's not connecting to the mysql database in phpmyadmin and when i started xampp,xampp control panel displays " Apache started [port 80] " eventhogh i changed port to 81 as i described above. :(
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Re: Not accessing mysql database.

Postby Altrea » 07. September 2016 21:28


Tell the XAMPP control panel that you have changed the default port.

Related to your WSOT error:
Did you set PHPs error_reporting to the highest level and switched on display_errors?
What is the URL at the time you see only the white page?
What is the source code view contents of this white page in your browser?
What is the contents of your php_error_log file?
What is the contents of your Apache error.log file?
What is the contents of your Apache access.log file?
What does Firefoxes Firebug or Chromes Developer Tools telling about these requests?

Debugging own code and all of its informational responses is a very important basic task a developer should learn very early on.

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