Non Thread Safe PHP for 5.6.X

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Non Thread Safe PHP for 5.6.X

Postby npcoder » 22. August 2016 17:18

I am trying to integrate Drupal 8 with MS SQL. Few dll files (sql server, pdo, winCache, ...) is needed to integrate. I installed latest Xampp with PHP 5.6.23. Later I figure out that the PHP is Thread Safe (TS) .
I again reinstalled one step below version of xampp and had same problem.
I searched in the net but could not figure out.
Isn't there PHP 5.6.x with Non Thread Safe (NTS)?
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Re: Non Thread Safe PHP for 5.6.X

Postby Altrea » 22. August 2016 19:07

PHP TS is the way to go if you want to run PHP as Apache module on windows (like it is done in XAMPP).

If you want or need to use NTS couple PHP to Apache with FCGID or use IIS instead of Apache.
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Re: Non Thread Safe PHP for 5.6.X

Postby gsmith » 24. August 2016 07:53

Altrea wrote:couple PHP to Apache with FCGID

ergo mod_fcgid

and yes, there are NTS builds of php. They do not include the Apache module because they are not thread safe, which is why you need to go the fcgid route.
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