Error Establishing Database Connection (Wordpress)

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Error Establishing Database Connection (Wordpress)

Postby dakhydra90 » 02. August 2016 22:43


I am trying to set up Wordpress on XAMPP. I have done this several times before in XAMPP and it worked every time. But as of today I am getting the "Error Establishing Database" error every time.
I also tried importing backups of my other sites, same error. I've worked on one site for weeks and all my backups give me this error (and I had restored backups in same version of XAMPP many times before, the same backups restored perfectly each time. Nothing changed as far as I can tell (and I didn't change my XAMPP version).
I also tested on another computer where I have the same version of XAMPP installed. Same error there, it worked fine yesterday. So I went to try it on WAMP server... well guess what, same error establishing database connection (on fresh wordpress install and old site backup).

My XAMPP version is 5.6.21-0 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

I just can't figure out why it worked fine yesterday on two machines, I changed NOTHING and today it's completely broken. I ran virus checks, reinstalled XAMPP, installed latest version of XAMPP, restored Windows.
Is it possible the "MySQL hostname" randomly changed? The hostname was always "localhost", how can I check if this is still correct?

Any ideas?
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