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Blue Screen Of Death on Win XP SP2 with Apache as a service

PostPosted: 13. September 2004 14:06
by wbd
Hi all,

This is my first post here. I hope someone may be able to shed some light on my problem.
I have been running an old version of XAMPP (v1.2) quite happily on my Win XP Pro (SP1 with all patches) since the beginning of the year. Apache2 (v2.0.48) and MySQL were installed as services and worked very well - no problems at all.
However, i just got a new PC last week, running Win XP SP2, and now when the Apache and MySQL services are installed, the machine gets random blue screens.
I've tried to narrow down some likely causes, and these two services may be to blame.
My question is this... are there any known issues running older versions of XAMPP with Win XP SP2?
Do I need to update my version of XAMPP?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

PostPosted: 15. September 2004 11:51
by wbd
Never mind, I appear to have sorted it out.

The problem seems to have been that when I migrated XAMPP from my old PC to my new PC, I did not setup XAMPP properly by running setup_xampp.bat (I just did a straight "drag-and-drop" copy from the old to the new PC).

So, I uninstalled the MySQL and Apache services (causing yet another blue screen in the process). I ran setup_xampp.bat, re-installed the two services, re-booted the PC, and all has been well since then.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way.