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Configure Virtual host

Postby Bannerguy » 30. June 2016 17:25

Hello I'm trying to view Wordpress from another computer of mine on the same Lan line or internet connection.
So far I have been able to follow the xampp configure virtual host instructions. Then on my other laptop is type in the name of the computer that has the xampp files along with Wordpress and the name of my website Wordpress but then when I click on the index of / file , it directs me to localhost refused to connect.
I allowed all connection through Norton firewall along with allowing apache through. I don't know why the Wordpress isn't showing.
Could someone help me please?
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Re: Configure Virtual host

Postby Nobbie » 30. June 2016 18:10

You are TOTALLY wrong here, this either no WordPress Forum (and it is a PLAIN WordPress question), neither an Apache Forum.

Anyway, when you installed WordPress, you applied "localhost" as Servername. That does not work, if you intend to use WordPress from a different PC than localhost. You should have used instead. Either deinstall WordPress and install it correctly, or proceed to a WordPress Forum (not here!) and ask how to configure/change an already installed WordPress.
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