Can't start Apache from the control panel.

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Can't start Apache from the control panel.

Postby Ercy » 22. June 2016 13:05

13:59:01 [Apache] Problem detected: Apache Not Found!
13:59:01 [Apache] Disabling Apache buttons
13:59:01 [Apache] Run this program from your XAMPP root directory!
13:59:01 [main] Enabling autostart for module "Apache"
13:59:01 [main] Starting Check-Timer
13:59:01 [main] Control Panel Ready
13:59:02 [Apache] Autostart active: starting...
13:59:02 [Apache] Attempting to start Apache app...

I tried to run with administration rights, the Apache "Start" button isn't even highlighted, I searched for my error problem without success. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what to do about this..! =/

And the apache folder is clearly in my directory, makes no sense to me why it seems inaccessible.
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Re: Can't start Apache from the control panel.

Postby gsmith » 23. June 2016 16:34

Ok, so the Apache folder is present, but does in have any files in it? Is httpd.exe in the xampp/apache/bin folder?
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