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change lc-messages

Postby mcendron » 14. June 2016 09:44

Hi all, in my pc I installed the xampp 1.7.7 version I would like to change the value of lc-messages, but I have not figured out how.
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Re: change lc-messages

Postby Nobbie » 14. June 2016 10:51

I dont know exactly what you are looking for, but i think it is the setlocale() Funktion in PHP:

See the note about LC_MESSAGES for system responses: available if PHP was compiled with libintl, I dont know if this is the case. As you installed a very very old Xampp release, that wont be maintained any more.

I also found lots of questions about this stuff in the internet, many of them having troubles to set locales correctly on Windows Systems. There was a hint to use the environment variable LANG in order to set the locale string before starting Apache/PHP. I also found some hints, that Windows might use different strings than Linux. There is finally a Tip in the Notes section of the setlocale documentation (see link above), that users may find more information about locale strings at Microsoft's MSDN website.
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