iis is causing troubles.

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iis is causing troubles.

Postby DougD » 30. May 2016 21:23

I have a windows 10 pro system, I have ensured that all iis items are not installed from control panel/programs and features/turn windows features on or off. I can access the site locally. I have an active no-ip dns setup in my router pointing to my LAN PC on port 80. NSlookup shows dns to my public IP is functioning. A port scan of 80 from no-ip verifies that 80 is open clear to my pc. No firewall errors shown by portscan. Now... When I attempt to connect from outside, I get an IIS 7 error HTTP 404.0 - not found. It mentions calling http://localhost:80/index.php, which it displays if I put in the direct IP, or the regular URL.
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