Need Help: Windows 10: Secure Root Password

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Need Help: Windows 10: Secure Root Password

Postby smilerkevin61 » 16. May 2016 14:27

I have used XAMPP for two years successfully with Windows 8.
I have now upgraded to Windows 10.
I have successfully downloaded v 7.0.6 and it is working OK.
However, unlike the previous version of XAMPP, when I type in localhost in my web browser, instead of taking me to the page from which I can set my password for the root directory, I am taken instead to localhost/dashboard
How do I get to the page from where I can set my root password?
thanks in advance
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Re: Need Help: Windows 10: Secure Root Password

Postby JJ_Tagy » 16. May 2016 16:57

Right up at the top of this forum, click the Questions & Answers link. You should find an answer to what you ask.
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