OT- Thank You AF! :-)

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OT- Thank You AF! :-)

Postby metro82 » 02. May 2016 17:25

OK so I just wanted to quickly to send out another big time shout out & thank you's to the entire AF team out there! I don't think this gets said enough on here ... But seriously keep up the amazing work to y'all's! You guys are doing an absolutely phenomenal job here IMHO. Keep on rocking! :D

I've been a XAMPP user for about a year now and I just absolutely love this piece of software! I've never experienced much issues with this package since the days of XP. I sometimes shake my head at some of the help posts to this section of the forums. Some people really should not be getting a handle on this amazing software IMHO. I mean seriously how much easier can this possibly get! This is one of the easiest run Apache server software packages I have ever run across on the web! You can literally be up and running in little than a few minutes without much configuration edits!

I often see so many repeated questions and help posts in this forum that it's almost ridiculous imo! Do people not know how to use a simple search of the forums for questions that have already been answered like a million times in the past??? Lol Wow! :shock:

Maybe it's just me but I find much of the help questions to be redundant. Of course I don't mean to put anyone down but I just honestly cannot wrap my around how some people can be so thick headed when coming here asking for help. Use the search feature for crying out loud! And if somehow your questions absolutely cannot be found via a simple forum search then go ahead and post your question up in here lol... This honestly never ceases to amaze me man.

My apologies for this little rant of mine. But I just felt compelled to get this off my chest once and for all already!

Anyway, Im on the latest php 7.0.5 build right now and holy schnikes is it FAST!!!!

Thanks for delivering the goods as always AF! You guys really don't get enough credit on here for all you do but I feel it's time at least someone came out and acknowledged this and gave you some kudos for the unbelievably hard work & efforts you guys put into this thing to make this the #1 bundle out there on the 'net today IMHO.

Thank you so much AF! :mrgreen:

Keep on rocking as always! we greatly appreciate it bunches!!!

Sorry this was not a support question but I wasn't sure where else to post this lol.
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