Updtae xampp version 5.5.19 to 5.6.3

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Updtae xampp version 5.5.19 to 5.6.3

Postby patricia.pereira » 08. April 2016 15:34


I have an instalation with xampp version 5.5.19 in windows server 2008 R2.
I need updated this instalation for xampp version 5.6.3. How make this?
You canb help me please?

Patricia Pereira
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Re: Updtae xampp version 5.5.19 to 5.6.3

Postby keyso84 » 12. April 2016 18:59

Hard to say without know what kind on customization you did to your xampp installation which might have caused depenencies

Quick version
Make a backup of your xampp folder, dump databases, uninstall old version, install new version, reconfigure everything so it works
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