XAMPP pre-defined url conflict with custom defined route

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XAMPP pre-defined url conflict with custom defined route

Postby wenyudengdeng » 28. March 2016 08:33

I run a laravel 5 project in xampp. I defined a route like this:
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    return $name;

Everytime i access got object not found. Finally, i found that in 'apache\conf\extra\httpd-multilang-errordoc.conf' defined an alias `/error/`:
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Alias /error/ "E:/xampp/apache/error/"

<Directory "E:/xampp/apache/error">
    AllowOverride None
    Options IncludesNoExec
    AddOutputFilter Includes html
    AddHandler type-map var
    Require all granted
    LanguagePriority en cs de es fr it ja ko nl pl pt-br ro sv tr
    ForceLanguagePriority Prefer Fallback

ErrorDocument 400 /error/HTTP_BAD_REQUEST.html.var
ErrorDocument 401 /error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var
ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
ErrorDocument 404 /error/HTTP_NOT_FOUND.html.var
ErrorDocument 405 /error/HTTP_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED.html.var
ErrorDocument 408 /error/HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT.html.var
ErrorDocument 410 /error/HTTP_GONE.html.var
ErrorDocument 411 /error/HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED.html.var
ErrorDocument 412 /error/HTTP_PRECONDITION_FAILED.html.var
ErrorDocument 413 /error/HTTP_REQUEST_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE.html.var
ErrorDocument 414 /error/HTTP_REQUEST_URI_TOO_LARGE.html.var
ErrorDocument 415 /error/HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE.html.var
ErrorDocument 500 /error/HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.html.var
ErrorDocument 501 /error/HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.html.var
ErrorDocument 502 /error/HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY.html.var
ErrorDocument 503 /error/HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE.html.var
ErrorDocument 506 /error/HTTP_VARIANT_ALSO_VARIES.html.var

I want to know is there any other pre-defined url in xampp?
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Re: XAMPP pre-defined url conflict with custom defined route

Postby Altrea » 28. March 2016 12:02

We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

It's like porn for programmers 8)
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