what 's the safest way to upgrade xampp ?

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what 's the safest way to upgrade xampp ?

Postby toonytoony2004 » 26. March 2016 17:28

i worry about upgrade xampp on my localhost.

i have many website in folder htdocs and need to keep them

i want to upgrade xampp for newer version, so what 's the safest way to upgrade xampp ?

Please advice me

Thank you
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Re: what 's the safest way to upgrade xampp ?

Postby Nobbie » 26. March 2016 21:55

There is no "safest" way, the safest thing is NOT to upgrade without the need of upgrading. Never change a running system.

If you really need to upgrade Xampp, you have to do a full backup of all your data (including the Databases), then a de-install of the old Xampp, then install the new Xampp and then restore all backuped data. Finally adapt the configuration files if you adapt these in the old Xampp.

It is quite a hard job and it needs lots of care and know how. As i already said, you should not upgrade without any reason.
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