missing the MySQL extension

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missing the MySQL extension

Postby risusSardonicus » 24. March 2016 20:08

Hello. I'm working on a Wordpress site on a local XAMPP installation. Yesterday I got a notification that I needed to update to a new Wordpress version. I want to make sure everything is updated while I'm developing the site, so I tried to do that. But I kept getting time out notifications. So, I then downloaded the new version off the web rather than through the localhost. Then tried to install it through the wordpress local installation. Couldn't do it -- file is too large.

Got on the web to see what I could do. Someone gave me some settings to change in the php.ini file.

Now when I try to go to the index I get this error:

"Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress."

I'm sure it has something to do with the changes I made to php.ini. I changed everything back and restarted the server. But, I still get the same message.

I fear I accidentally changed something else. I should have made a backup before I changed anything, but here I am.

Is there a way to get a new copy of php.ini or a way to figure out what is wrong with the one I have. (Assuming it is the php.ini file. That's all I played with)

Thanks. Oh, XAMPP version 5.5.30
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Re: missing the MySQL extension

Postby Altrea » 24. March 2016 20:51


risusSardonicus wrote:Is there a way to get a new copy of php.ini

Sure, download XAMPP 5.5.30 as zip version and compare your php.ini with the default one.

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