Which Version do I choose.

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Which Version do I choose.

Postby chrisdevelop » 08. March 2016 07:01

Hi Everyone nice to be back here after a long period of illness.

Im setting out today to develop websites on the Windows 7 PC before uploading all compleated files to the main hosting server.

I am a little confused though and would be so grateful for some help here.

Im Running Windows 7 where all the developing will take place, but once complete i will be uploading completed website files to the main host company that is running Linux servers where the website will be hosted from using C Panel for admin.

My Question is which version of XAMPP do i use. Do i download Linux XAMPP as the files will eventually reside there, or Windows to do the developing which does not matter when uploaded to a live linux enviroment.

Might seem a stupid question, but a long time in hospital does mean that occasionally you need that little nudge in the right direction.

Thanks Guys
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Re: Which Version do I choose.

Postby BigBunny » 14. March 2016 16:16

I am sure that you already have had the answer to this. I develop almost entirely in Windows 10 using XAMPP. I then use Akeeba backup and upload to the hosting site and extract there. The hosting site will be running on Linux Apache of NginX, and use cPanel. I have not yet had an issue with this.
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