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Postby Rasstag » 07. March 2016 09:20

Hi folks.... Ok... I'm 'just' starting on this road that involves XAMPP, and PHP IDEs (remember when you just started and didn't know squat?... well, that's where I am … ;)

Any way, from what I've read, a lot of IDE's make use of “xdebug” to help the debug/learning process, the references say that the php.ini file has to have some of the xdebug default settings changed to bring it online.

The problem I'm having is that within the php.ini file in XAMPP 7.0.4 there is no “xdebug” section to modify.

Undoubtedly I shot myself in the foot somewhere along the line of this installation... anyone have thoughts as to what I should check to get the xdebug environment alive?

Many thanks for any help you can toss my way...
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Re: XAMPP 7.0.4 , XDEBUG

Postby sir_neromani » 07. March 2016 11:48


I stumbled across the same issue, with version 7.0.3, though.

The php_xdebug.dll is not even included in the package.

So, I'm supposing, xdebug is not supported yet in the new php version xampp.

Thanks for further info...
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Re: XAMPP 7.0.4 , XDEBUG

Postby Altrea » 07. March 2016 12:51

sir_neromani wrote:So, I'm supposing, xdebug is not supported yet in the new php version xampp.

You can check that: https://xdebug.org/wizard.php
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