automatically redirect to www.

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Postby marcoman2014 » 05. March 2016 17:11

Hi guys,
i installed last two version of xampp,
both are able to open but if i try to open a php page in the folder htdocs the browser redirect it from to www. and is not able to load the page.
i installed few month ago the same xamp version in another computer and works fine, i'm able to open some test website in the folder htdocs.
My OS is windows 10 64bit, and tested few browser like IE and chrome.

i already checked the host file in windows, but there is just localhost,
there are not proxy server or dns server set
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Re: automatically redirect to www.

Postby Nobbie » 05. March 2016 22:11

Maybe you have an annoying .htaccess in your htdocs folder or similar. Xampp / Apache does not redirect anything by itself.
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