Install Issue With Jooml Script

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Install Issue With Jooml Script

Postby prettylady45 » 04. March 2016 05:19


I have installed xampp according to insructions. It loads and I am able to see test page. I unzipped and copied my Joomla script to htdocs and created my database in PhpMyadmin, The script comes up on my localhost and I populate all of the fields and click create. The program begins to install but when it gets to: Installing Database it seems to hang. I cannot figure out the problem from the log files.
Please Advise
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Re: Install Issue With Jooml Script

Postby gsmith » 04. March 2016 17:55

To me it sounds like php is timing out or running out of allotted memory. There should be a php_errpr.log file in your Joomla folder, review it to see what is really happening.

in php.ini file
If timeout troubles, increase max_execution_time
If out of memory troubles, increase memory_limit
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