XAMPP - possible feature?

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XAMPP - possible feature?

Postby blakestone » 25. February 2016 00:07

I have been using XAMPP for a little while and really love it however I keep running into problems with certain web packages requiring specific versions of "PHP" and/or "MySQL" in order to run and I am constantly uninstalling/reinstalling XAMPP with a version to meet these requirements.
Would it be possible to have a few versions of things installed and the user can select what version they require when starting XAMPP - example:


Maybe there is already an easy way to do this which I am not aware of?
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Re: XAMPP - possible feature?

Postby Altrea » 25. February 2016 07:01


You can install multiple Xampp bundles side by side. If you only start one of them the same time this works very good.

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