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php file not being found(404 error)

PostPosted: 06. September 2004 11:44
by seengee
I have a login page that posts information to a process.php page that processes the login info and redirects to either a login sucess or failure page. For some reason though i am getting a 404 error when i hit submit from the login page, it is definitely going to the right place as process.php is listed in the address bar and if i hit back the homepage shows me to be logged in, and therefore process.php has been loaded as this is the only way that a user can be logged in. Also when i hit refresh the page appears.

I have had this script running on php 4.1.2 online without any problems at all and the script hasnt been modified. I'm thinking that maybe its a syntax thing, i had another page that would not work properly until i replaced a series of if statements with a switch statement, this can't be done on this page though.

FYI i'm running 4.3.8 on localhost using xampp.