Release (-6-15 = I don't want Bitnami ...

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Release (-6-15 = I don't want Bitnami ...

Postby BySergio » 17. February 2016 17:45


On my PC Windows 10, I just install the 5-6-15 version of XAMPP, and before, I worked with the 1.7.7 release.

In the version 1.7.7 there were 3 files index.php, navi.php, start.php in xampp \ htdocs \ xampp, and the start.php file allowed to show the menu of applications that I develop, in a folder "MesSitesPHP "(alias in httpd.conf).

Now, the 5-6-15 version of XAMPP launches htdocs / dashboard / (which is programmed in phpinfo.php) and the Bitnami program run , that does not suit me at all.
So, if anyone can help me find my context?
Thanks a lot.
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Re: Release (-6-15 = I don't want Bitnami ...

Postby Altrea » 18. February 2016 19:52


I don't know how i can provide any sufficient help.
The old orange Administration page is no longer available for the current versions of XAMPP. More to read about this here:
[Q&A] Where is the orange administration page

There are a few possible solutions for this:
- Use an older version of XAMPP which still includes the Administration page
- Try to grab the orange administration page from an older XAMPP version and copy it to a current installation (no warranty that this will work flawlessly)
- Try to add the functionality you missed to the new dashboard

best wishes,
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