How to integrate Plone/Zope with Apache & Mysql?

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How to integrate Plone/Zope with Apache & Mysql?

Postby mengland » 05. September 2004 14:45


I want to run Plone/Zope on my XAMPP server. More specifically, I want Zope to use Mysql instead of ZODB, and I want all the web presentation of Plone/Zope to run through the XAMPP Apache server. (Forgive me if my terminology/concepts are incorrect, I am a Plone/Zope newbie.)

Any suggestions/pointers? Anybody have experience doing this?

More details

I'm running XAMPP 1.4.5 on my Windows systems (XP as testing/development station, 2000 Adv Server as production server).

I have found the following references that seem to be useful, but have yet to study them in detail:

Apache: ... WithApache


I also see several topic-threads in my "zope OR plone" here at, but they all seem to be in German...and I'm hoping to get some English help here.

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Postby kairi » 24. December 2006 22:17

i need help whit this too. =)
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