Can not get Website to come up

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Can not get Website to come up

Postby tpoe » 30. January 2016 01:54

Can someone help me please?? I installed Xampp, all is fine with it, using DNS2go, that is also running no problems but here is the problem...when I go to local host getting the Xampp page instead of our website, if we put in our domain name just getting blank page and at top corner tab it is saying web management and that's it nothing else....I am running Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge browser, I know at the first test with Xampp that page is suppose to come up but I have put an index.html inside the htdocs folder so why will it not bring up our domain site, If anyone can help would greatly appreciate it because this is driving me insane, I am sure it's something simple but for some reason can't find the problem. Thanks!
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