Control panel not displayed after used on multiple monitors

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Control panel not displayed after used on multiple monitors

Postby dbrad » 26. January 2016 11:36

Control panel (CP) is not seen if you go from dual monitors to single monitor, and the CP was on the extended monitor when last used.

I use a dual monitor arrangement with my laptop. I also use the laptop in single monitor mode when travelling. I start XAMPP manually (I do other than web stuff) and as such use the CP. If I move the CP window to the extended monitor (Win10 Home environment), start the services and then close the CP window. When I next launch XAMPP it will resume the CP window in the last screen position.

However, when I go to a single monitor, the CP window is launched not on the single screen and thus not viewable. It is placed at the older coordinates extended screen coordinates.

Any ideas how to resolve getting the CP re-mapped to single screen coordinates? All apps VirtualBox, VMware, paint,.... all do not have thos issue.
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