Reading a json respons echos script

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Reading a json respons echos script

Postby LqDFx » 12. January 2016 17:26

Im very new to the server environment and just installed xampp to use as a test before uploading to a live server, but...

after installing and trying to run my site that works on the live server, this:

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require 'carbon.php';
use Carbon\Carbon;

$resetDaily = new Carbon('2016-01-12T09:00:00Z');
$resetWeekly = new Carbon('2016-01-19T09:00:00Z');
$todayDate = Carbon::now();
$dm_diffDays = $resetWeekly->diffInDays($todayDate);
$dm_diffHours = $resetDaily->diffInHours($todayDate);

echo 'Today: '.$todayDate.'<br>';
echo 'Weekly Reset in '.$dm_diffDays.' Days<br>';
echo 'Daily Reset in '.$dm_diffHours.' Hours<br>';


diffInDays($todayDate); $dm_diffHours = $resetDaily->diffInHours($todayDate); echo 'Today: '.$todayDate.'
'; echo 'Weekly Reset in '.$dm_diffDays.' Days
'; echo 'Daily Reset in '.$dm_diffHours.' Hours
'; ?>

any idea what I need to change in the setting to get it working right? All I did was install it and copy my files at this point.

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Re: Reading a json respons echos script

Postby Nobbie » 12. January 2016 17:53


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and read the doc about short_open_tag
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